Thursday, January 22, 2009

Uneventful Day

Jack had a pretty good, uneventful day today. He didn't want to be held at all, but he finally wanted to play with his duck and puppy a little bit. He's still not eating much but I was able to coax a few ounces down him here and there. They aren't worried enough to want to send him home on a tube or anything and are attributing it to him not feeling well, but I hate seeing my little eater not have any interest in taking a bottle.

The only things I can see that might keep us there until Saturday are if they see something wrong on the echo tomorrow, or if he doesn't start peeing better. He has hardly had any wet diapers today, but that's partly because he's started to clench his lips and spit out his lortab and lasix (the medicine which helps him pee). Little stinker. Hopefully the nurse tonight will do a better job at getting the meds to stay in his mouth than I did.

His poor neck where they took out the jugular line.

Snuggling with Daddy.

The hotel where Hardy and I were staying was sold out last night and tonight so we have been staying at home, and while it is lonely and strange being here without Jack, it sure is nice to have my own shower and a closet full of clean laundry.


Julie Miles said...

Great pictures. I especially like that first one - he looks like a little baby doll - so cute! I'll be praying that he starts feeling better and starts eating more and that the echo goes well so you 3 can get out of there today!

Have you started Jack on any solids yet? We purposely started Ethan on solids (mainly rice cereal/Gerber Stage 1 veggies) right before his Glenn so that he could hopefully at least get some kind of calories and it paid off for us! He wasn't too much into his bottle the first few days after surgery but he loved his peas! LOL

The Hood's said...

He looks so good! I hope he starts eating better soon! Good luck with the echo! It's so hard to get the adhesive off of their little necks after, besides the double chins, it looks so sore and so you don't want to scrub it.
Hope things keep improving and you can all be home together soon!