Friday, January 23, 2009

Sticking Around

Jack isn't having the greatest day. His heart function and sats look great. They even had him off the oxygen when we got here this morning, though we have since put him back on .12 liter.

The problem is that he seems to just feel yucky and as a result he's not eating. The nurse is fixing him a bottle right now and he has one last chance to eat well before we have to resort to the feeding tube. I keep telling him that a good appetite is his ticket out of this place, but he just doesn't want it. I dread the thought of having to go home with the feeding tube, but I also don't want him to waste away and lose his cute chunky thighs. He's also not sleeping very well. Just half cat naps, so he's exhausted.

As a result, they have decided that we aren't going home tonight, so we'll cross our fingers for tomorrow.


Brammer Family said...

Oh shoot! He's just been through so much, darn it!

Get eatin' lil' Jack so you can go home! :)

The Taylors said...

I hope he starts eating. He has done so WELL in the past. That dreaded NG tube! To make you feel better Kylie just started to get her appitie back atually yesterday and has been eating very well. Not enough to git rid of the tube though. Oh I hope he starts eating for you. I am so glad his echo looked great. Just give him a couple of days. Of course the hospital wont take that long but as soon as you get him home he will be much better.

Erin said...

Bummer! I was hoping you could go home today. Come on Jack, eat like a good little boy. Maybe if you gave him chocolate milk he would be happy. So Hardy, that means Aimee needs chocolate, the good stuff. If nothing else it will make her happy.

Hang in there. Love you.

The Hood's said...

Sorry you have to stay, but it would be worse going home if he's not ready to! Alex didn't sleep well either for a couple of weeks post-op (not to bum you out), and you can tell their littles bodies are completely exhausted.
I hope he can avoid the feeding tube, but maybe getting a full tummy without having to work for it will help him to sleep and get the rest that his little body needs. As always lots of prayers coming your way

Heather said...

I'm sorry he had to have the feeding tube, but hopefully it will give him the energy he needs to recuperate. He'll start feeling better soon and the sleep and eating will come, too. Hoping you get to go home tomorrow!

I had Breydon with me when I checked your blog earlier and he got so excited to see Jack's cute face on your header.