Saturday, January 24, 2009

Eat Jack Eat!

Jack has decided he is enjoying his hospital stay so much he would like it to continue for another day. He will not take his bottle. They put in the dreaded feeding tube last night so they could get some food in his little tummy but he either takes about half the bottle and then poops out or takes nothing at all. The Speech Therapist is gong to come by today to try and get him going. He is starting to give some smiles and seems to be happier than a few days ago but he still gives Aimee and I a "Why did you send me in there" look once in a while. We are trying to stay patient but we want to go home so bad. The good news is his heart function looks good. The non-eating thing can be caused by some different things and it is not unusual that they don't eat very good after surgery so we are hoping it will start to improve.


The Hood's said...

Come on Jack! We are rooting for you! Good Luck!

Amy said...

I swear children have perfomance issues. They won't do anything you want them to do, until they are ready! Jack's in my prayers.

The Whitaker Family said...

I'm keeping him in my prayers and hope the appetite returns, FAST!