Thursday, August 7, 2008

1 day to go

Not much going on today. We have been trying to spend as much time as possible with our little guy before his big day tomorrow. He has had some visitors throughout the day which has been nice. He is a little fussier today because the poor guy has not eaten yet. He is starting to get pretty hungry. They are in doing an echo-cardiogram right now and with it should come some mild sedation. I think this will be good and help calm him down a little. His Uncle Jon and Aunt Angi came to visit and he enjoyed meeting them. I have spoken with both Dr. Su (our cardiologist) and Dr. Kaza (the surgeon) today. They walked us through the procedure again and answered our questions. I feel so blessed to have my son treated by such talented people. They have been both compassionate and realistic with us which we really appreciate. Right now we are just bracing ourselves to see our cute little baby come out of surgery tomorrow with an open chest and wires everywhere. Spending time with him it is easy to pretend nothing is wrong. I sat and watched him this morning and wondered if he really only had half a heart. He does and so we will put our trust in the Lord and these great people who he has blessed with such talent to take care of him. Your thoughts and prayers are very much appreciated and we tell Jackson all the time about all of the people who are looking out for him.


Millie said...

I'm from the Hope group. My name is Millie and my son Colin is four and just had his Fontan. I don't post much but read the messages and wanted to let you know that I will be praying for Jackson for his Norwood tomorrow and for peace for you and your family.
God bless,
Millie and Colin-HLHS

ann said...

still praying for all of you - for strength and wisdom and clarity for mom and dad. For a good night's sleep, steely calm and clear decisions for the surgeons; for total attentiveness for the anesthesiologist and perfusionists; for compassion and tenderness for every hand that touches Jack tomorrow and the days to come. And especially that the Lord bless you with a calm spirit, which your baby will recognize as confidence and love.

Heather said...

I missed so much not being able to get online today! The video is so sweet and I'm happy you were able to bless him. Hardy, I'm so proud that you changed a diaper already--I knew you could do it for you own child. :) Know that you are in our thoughts and prayers constantly. We love you all so much.

Quinney Family said...

Praying for Jack and your family. We are here if you need someone to talk to. We will be thinking of you guys. Hang in there and find peace in knowing that there is a plan for all of this.
Jennylin and Eric