Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Good to see that cute face again

Jack got rid of quite a few lines and tubes today, and they plan to take out even more tomorrow. It makes it extra hard to not pick him up and just nibble on his cute cheeks.

I got to half hold him for a few minutes after they took the ventilator out. It helped tide me over until I get to actually pick him up.

Our next big steps are really just to get him feeding and healing. He's up to 2 cc's per hour on his breastmilk which he is tolerating well.


Tommy and Jessica said...

He is such a gorgeous little guy! You are amazing parents. I cannot imagine what the 3 of you are going through, yet you do it with grace and optimism. Best wishes for continued improvements in the future!

Tommy, Jessica, and Avery Weyerts
(just in case ya don't recognize our names, I am Lowell's step daughter)

Brammer Family said...

I can imagine how you guys are just itching to hold this sweet little guy. What a cutie. :)

He's doing so good!

...and Aimee, you're looking great!

The Whitaker Family said...

LOVE the pic of you holding him, Aimee!!!! YAY!!!