Friday, August 8, 2008

Latest Update

The Nurse Practitioner made another visit. She said they are done with the reconstruction aspect and are going to start to put all the wires in. They will follow this by doing an echo-cardiogram. This will test how well the heart is working and if they need to do any additional work today. She said things are going good. We are trying to stay calm but are excited they were able to do the repair with little trauma so far. Still a long way to go but hopefully we are getting a little closer to being done. I am still amazed that these Dr.’s can actually pull this off. We met with Dr. Kaza this morning and he was very re-assuring and confident. He said he “was going to take good care of him.” We are grateful to this very skilled professional and the other ones that are taking care of our little guy.


Jada Rose said...

Guys, I'm in SLC all afternoon. PLEASE let me know if I can do or get anything for you? EAT EAT EAT. I know its easier said than done BUT EAT! Troy

Mike said...

Oh great news. I am glad that things are going well and they are on to the next phase.

P.S. Troy does not know me but he does know Jeremy. Do you think he would bring ME lunch if I called him?

Mike said...

actually - that last post was Melanie - not Mike!!!

carolyn q said...

Thanks for keeping your blog updated as I have been checking regularly through out the day.
I have been thinking and praying for your family.
Thanks for allowing me to visit yesterday, as Jackson is a very beautiful baby.
I can't wait until he is back in your arms to hold again!
Heart Hugs,

Jada Rose said...

I'm curious, what is the name of the surgeon(s)?

Jodi VanSkiver said...

It's great to hear that the surgery is going so well. You will be in our thoughts and prayers all day. Hang in there!

Quinney Family said...

Glad to hear the updates are full of good news. The hanging out in the waiting room can be nerve racking. We are still praying that all will continue to go smooth. We know there is a long road ahead, so know that we are all praying for the best. Don't forget to take care of yourselves throught all this. Keep Faith
mom to Bryson

Jill said...

I am so glad you are updating us. I love checking in and hearing good news each time. I am so glad Aimee got to hold him again! I can't imagine how emotional this must be for you. keep the updates coming.