Thursday, August 7, 2008

Thrill of a Lifetime!

We were so lucky tonight to be able to hold Jack. Two fantastic nurses, Teresa and Amy, decided to go against protocol and let us hold Jack before his surgery. We were going to go in really early and do it then, but they decided it would be easier to hold him tonight than in the morning since the surgical team will be running around a lot of the time. I can’t tell you how grateful we were to them to let us do this.

Aimee got to hold Jack for about two minutes on Tuesday but that had been it. Tonight she got to hold him for almost 15 minutes and both she and Jack loved every minute of it. Jack had been fussing but quieted right down as soon as he was in his mothers arms. Naturally this had the opposite effect on Aimee and made her cry. I finally got my turn and I have to say it was the thrill of my life. I looked down at his sweet face and felt so comforted knowing that he is going to be cared for by the best Doctor’s in the world.

They have tried to prepared us for what Jack will look like after the surgery. I know we will still be so sad to see our perfect looking son come back to us swollen and with an open chest. But I also know that it is the first step in getting his little heart better so that we can hold him every night in our home.

We are thankful for everyone’s prayers on his behalf. Being able to hold him tonight was so comforting and that is an answer to prayer. We will try and post periodic updates of his surgery tomorrow as well as a picture of him when he comes out. Thanks to all of those who came by to see him today. All six Grandparents, Uncle Jon and Aunt Angi, Travis and Jill, Stephanie Barton, Cody and Steph, and my very understanding and supportive boss Jeff Ross. We have truly felt everyone’s love for us and for that we are grateful.


Diane Feinauer said...

Sorry I missed you tonight. I'm sending warm wishes and prayers your way tonight as Jackson prepares for his surgery. What a beautiful little guy he is, and I am so happy you were able to spend such precious moments holding him tonight. I will be thinking of you all tomorrow morning!!

Heart hugs!
Diane Feinauer

Simmons Family: said...

Just wanted to drop by and say we'll be praying for Mr. Jack tomorrow as he is having his Norwood. This is the beginning of an incredible journey... we are six months in, 2 surgeries down, and thrilled to be this far along!! I wish you nothing but the best!!

I am so happy you had a chance to hold him tonight... isn't it fantastic?!



What a beautiful family! How wonderful that you were able to hold Jack before his surgery. Our prayers are with you this morning as Jack goes into surgery.

Jill said...

Thank you so much for letting us come by yesterday and see your little miracle. What a handsome and brave baby you have. You have been so blessed. We are praying for you and are anxious to hear how things go.

Gwen said...

Man!! I wish we were on your list of visitors, it's killing me not to be there. We are praying for you and hope the surgery goes better than planned.

The Mason Family said...

What sweet pictures...thank you so much for sharing them. I pray that Jack's surgery is uneventful and his recovery is quick. Thoughts and prayers for Jack and your wishes.

Shannon Mason