Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Third Floor and a Knot

Yesterday afternoon we officially made it to the recovery floor! It's so nice to have our own room and be able to spread out and relax a little. It also meant that mom and Jack got to have a sleep over together last night as we as parents are now more responsible for his care.

According to the nurses Jack was sleeping fairly well in the PICU, but he had a rough night last night and insisted on being held from 10 pm - 4 am. Thank goodness for nice nurses who offerd to take a shift so I could get some sleep. Well, this morning we discovered the source of Jack's discomfort. After Jack passed his swallow study with flying colors they decided to move his NJ (feeding) tube to an NG tube so he could get used to the milk going into his stomach instead of his gut before we try to bottle feed him today. Well, this morning they did his daily xray and found that his feeding tube had not been pulled out enough and was coiled in his tummy and was still going directly into his gut. When the nurse pulled the tube out so she could put in a new one to the right location, it had a big old knot in the end of it. No wonder he was miserable, poor little guy. He's feeling much better now, though he didn't much enjoy the prosess of pulling that out through his nose. Ouch!

Tonight is a guy's night and dad will be taking his turn to sleep over with Jack. I'm sure that will make for some entertaining tales from both boys.


Lisa Marie Trent said...

How in the world?? A knot? That is insane. Glad you found it!

Jill said...

Poor little dude! That is CRAZY! Can't wait to hear about Hardys turn.

Jodi VanSkiver said...

I can't believe he had a knot in his tube, that's horrible. Poor little guy. I can't believe Hardy is taking his own turn. That's impressive!

Brammer Family said...

Yay for the 3rd floor!!! I'm so glad Jack has his own room now. More privacy has to be nice and it's awesome you guys can stay with him over night too.

Good Luck Marc. :)