Friday, August 29, 2008


Well, Jack's little friend Paisley tagged him, so here are ten fun things about Jackson right now.
  1. He loves to eat, and even though he’s on a schedule to eat a super high calorie meal every three hours, mom usually has to warm up a quick snack about an hour before every meal because he’s sure he’s starving to death.
  2. He adores his binky and does not like when it falls out of his mouth, especially during a big sneeze. Very traumatic.
  3. Jack loves to snuggle and be held all the time.
  4. He may be toothless, but he’s got one heck of a sweet tooth and has been through a lot of sugar water in his short time at home to calm his down when he freaks out.
  5. He’s got his parents and grandparents wrapped around his tiny little finger.
  6. Jack has very busy fingers and loves to hold them or have them snuggled up by his face all of the time.
  7. If you look close, his hair has just a hint of red in it and a little bit of curl.
  8. Jack’s not much of a complainer. A little dramatic – yes, but he usually only cries when he’s got a problem. Otherwise he’s just looks around happily or sleeps.
  9. He is very strong. No only has he recovered quickly from open heart surgery, but he also knows how to roll onto his sides to sleep and can hold up his neck when he’s protesting being held in a position he doesn’t like.
  10. He’s got cool scars, and chicks dig scars.

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Jill said...

chicks ALWAYS dig scars! What a man!