Friday, August 8, 2008

A few pics from this morning

Jack wasn't too excited about going into surgery this morning...

But then the Nurse Practitioner let mom hold him AGAIN! (for 30 minutes!)

And he calmed right down. :)

It was so hard to let the doctors walk off with our sweet little guy this morning, but we have really been blessed with a sense of peace that the Lord is in control right now and he's taking very good care of him.
Sometimes as we worry it's easy for us to think how hard this is on us, but then we remember that this is in fact Jack's journey and we're just here to help and support him through it. I keep waiting for the floor to fall out from under us, but so far he has been a real champ and we just keep praying that it will continue that way.
Today we are one step closer to holding him in our arms again and to taking him home.

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Susan said...

Hi. I'm Gwen's mom, so we are sort of related...I am one of the many who are so grateful for the pictures and news of your darling son, which bring tears to my eyes! He really is a jewel. So glad you have had time with him before surgery, and I'm not surprised he knows who his parents are and how much he is loved. More prayers for your family coming from here in Cedar Hills.