Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Dr. Kaza and Jack

This is a picture of Jack with Dr. Kaza. What can we say about the man who saved our sons life? Dr. Kaza is someone with incredible talent as well as humility. He would lose his humility if he would accept the compliments Aimee and I have given him over the past week. He always defers the credit to the team around him and to Jackson. He comes by several times a day to check on Jackson. He pats his head to settle him down if he is fussy. He re-assures us about everything that he is doing. Last Friday before the surgery he came to visit us. We were obviously terrified about sending our 3 day old son to open heart surgery. Dr. Kaza looked so confident and relaxed. He told us he was going to “take good care of him.” He certainly has. Dr. Kaza came from Boston’s Children’s Hospital a few weeks ago. I know that it was a blessing that he came in time to do Jackson’s surgery. He has a passion for kids who have left heart problems and is hoping to set up a research lab at the U to figure out how to fix this better. We are grateful that God has blessed such a select few with such amazing talent. We are especially grateful that Dr. Kaza could use his talents on our child.

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Christina said...

I love this picture with Dr Kaza. One of my biggest regrets from Jacob's hospital stay is that we did not get a picture of him with Dr Koutetas. What a blessing Dr Kaza is!
I am so glad Jack is doing well!!!

Hugs & Prayers,
Christina from IHH
Jacob's momma