Sunday, August 10, 2008

Todays Pics and update

Jackson had another really good day. He was really alert today and was trying to stretch out all the time. He got nice visits from all six Grandparents and of course constant attention from his parents. I was a huge fan of the 30 minute church block with shorts and a tee shirt on. It was nice to have Rob and Angel join us today for church and a quick lunch. They have been a great support. We are still hoping they close up his chest tomorrow morning. After they do that they will try and wean him off as much of the medications as possible. We keep bracing ourselves for a setback but will not feel cheated if he does not experience some complications. We know this is a marathon not a sprint but we are so proud of the little guy and how well he is doing.

Jackson was able to enjoy the last few holes of the PGA Championship. He was not surprised when Sergio choked again!


Jill said...

Hardy, I think he looks like you.

Gourley Family said...

Glad to hear and see things continue to go well! Hopefully they will be able to close tomorrow. They had to re-open Ryker and my niece Gracie, so do not get frustrated because you just never know. They are ready when they are ready. Hang in there! You do have some awesome nurses.
Heart hugs,
Emily Gourley
IHH group, mom to angels Ryker(HLHS) and Lilly(holoprosencephaly)

Jack, Michelle, and Logan said...

Hey, this is Marc's cousin Michelle. My dad (Lowell) sent my family a link to your blog and asked us to pray for little Jackson. What a cutie! He is absolutely adorable. I'm so glad he's doing well, and am amazed at your faith and optimism. It's fun to see the updates everyday. We'll continue to pray for Jack and you both!

Lisa Marie Trent said...

Good job Jack. He wants out of there and knows exactly how to do it. Just behave.

We'll be up there to see Dr. Su around noon, perhaps we'll try to find you. My cell is 450-1268.