Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Today's Milestones

We are continuing to work on teaching Jack to take a bottle, but he's still not too sure about it. The speech therapist stopped by to help with his afternoon bottle feeding but despite all our efforts we couldn't quite wake him up enough to try it so she's going to come back in the morning and we'll try out a few things to help him.

I am now giving him his meds under the guidance of the nurses so I'll be a pro by the time we go home. They all just go down his feeding tube so it's not too tricky. I'm also getting pretty good at calming him down when his tummy hurts without always resorting to the binki dipped in "sweeties." You would think it would be the morphine or lortab that he would become dependant on, but no - my kid is going to need a perscription for his special sugar water, literally.

I also got peed on while changing his diaper for the first time today. I was changing a rather poopy diaper, trying to negotiate around all his wires, and talking with Bryttin, another heart mom, so totally forgot to keep him covered. Whoops.

Hardy is bringing in Jack's car seat tonight so we can do his trial tomorrow. We are also going to do our CPR training tonight. This is all in preparation for hopefully going home on Friday. Unreal. I can't even imagine what it will be like to hold and change him without all the wires, bells and nurses around. We just feel so overwhemled and blessed. There is still a very long road ahead, but it feels great to have this first major surgery behind us. We hope our next one in a few months goes as smoothly.


Brammer Family said...

Thanks again for letting me come by today. I had a wonderful time visiting with you and meeting little Jack.

Again, you all are amazing. We are still keeping you in our prayers, much like other people are too. :)

Jack is so sweet. You both will do well in all of the training you need to take this sweet guy home.

You can do it...and it will be awesome to have him HOME!

WAY TO GO JACK!!! (I'm going to start labeling me as "The River 1st Ward Cheerleader.")

Heather said...

Boy, Jack's cousins would like to try his binki recipe. :) Breydon got a sugared binki when he was circumcised and he hardly noticed the procedure.

I hope your CPR training is educational and that you never need it. I have often thought it would be good for me to take a class because it's been so long, but it just never happened and I don't know how I would fit it in now.

It's so good to read your updates and know that Jack is steadily improving. I'm sure he'll get the hang of it soon. Good luck on the carseat test! Bethany was 1 ounce away from having to take that before being discharged.

Love you all!