Sunday, August 31, 2008


Jack had his first absolute tantrum today, and of course it started about 2 mintues after dad left to go to sacrament. He cried and screamed his super upset cry for almost half an hour and nothing would calm him down. I usually don't worry too much when he cries because babies do that, but he was freaking out so bad I could tell his heart rate would have been setting off alarms like crazy had we been at the hospital and his lips started turning a little blue. I turned up his oxygen and weathered the storm and eventually he passed out from exhaustion, but it was pretty scary. I hate it when he works his little heart so hard. We do not want to be back at PCMC for at least a few more months.

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The Whitaker Family said...

Sounds scary, Aim-- it also sounds like you have good insticts...! ;) Reading your blog brings back the newborn memories!