Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Happy 3 Week Birthday!

I can't believe Jack is now 3 weeks old. He is getting bigger and stronger every day. Our Home Health nurse came by yesterday afternoon and Jack now weighs 7 lbs 9 oz. His favorite things are: being held, his binki, sugar water, a full tummy, and the Utes (of course).

I'm getting the hang of all his meds and eating and trying to get a few things done around the house. Again, thank goodness for Grandma who is a terrific babysitter and let me get out of the house and run to the store for a while today.

One of these days I'm going to capture a photo of one of his sleeping smiles. I know they are supposedly only gas, but oh, they melt my heart. His serious face is pretty cute as well though.

My mom's neighbor made this cute picture for Jack. So sweet I had to share.


Jill said...

Aren't you so glad he wants to be held?!

Erin said...

Jack is so cute. What a serious face! I must say he looks more like a Hardy than you Aim,no fair you do all the work and he looks like his dad. I bet you don't mind too much though.

Gwen said...

I think some of the pictures look like Jeffrey. Is that weird and am I the only one to say that? Obviously I haven't seen him in person, so it is just a glimpse I see.

The Hood's said...

He is adorable. I am glad that he is doing well and that you made it home. We are members of IHH, and my husband also works with one of your cousins Kim McKee at the new IHC Hospital. Small world! We are watching your blog and hope that all continues to go well. Our son (Alex) is scheduled for his glenn on Nov. 4th. Take care!
Gary, Camille, Sam and Alex (DILV, transposition, ASD, VSD)