Saturday, August 9, 2008

Today's update

Jack is hanging in there today. They took him off the paralytic and we have even gotten a few peeks at his eyes today. He kind of half opens his eyes and shutters a little when you tickle his feet. All of his stats look pretty good today. He is a little puffier which they told us is totally normal. They are thinking they might be able to close his chest on Monday. That would be great but we are still trying not to put timetables on things like that so if it does not happen we will not freak out. I know I say this in every post but the people here at Primary Children’s really do amaze me. Our good friends the Chilton’s and Christensen’s told us we would be amazed by this and we truly have been. It is hard not to think to far ahead now that Jack is doing well but we know we still have a long way to go. We are just going to be grateful that he is having a good day right now


Lisa Marie Trent said...

I love it at Primary's. There are so many people that say they are "uncomfortable" there but I feel right at home. Honestly you may be sad to leave because you have the BEST (and most expensive) babysitters you'll ever get.

Tell Dr. Su "Hi" for us..we'll see him monday. Maybe we'll try and see you guys up there.


Kenny & Michele Kingsford Family said...

Aimee & Hardy,

I am just catching up on Jack's progress and am so happy that he is doing well. Congratulations on your beautiful and strong baby boy!

The PICU is hard to explain to those who haven't experienced it before. The walls seem to breath emotion and there is an amazing spirit there, which I atribute to the incredible healers who work there!

We will continue to keep you all in our prayers!

Your friend from IHH,
Michele (mom to Taryn)

kathy said...

We often pray for miracles, forgetting that modern medicine IS a miracle! When my granddaughter was critically ill after birth, I prayed for a miracle constantly for days. Then the answer came so clearly that it shocked me. "She doesn't need a miracle. She just needs time and the doctors can give her that." What a blessing to know that we have such talented miracle workers caring for these most precious spirits. I will continue to pray for your sweet Jack, and for the doctors and nurses who will make him whole. Good luck!

Brammer Family said...

Hooray for Jack!!! We are so very happy to hear about his great progess. You can do it Buddy!

Lots of Love!

Jill said...

Glad to hear everything is going well. What a little champ! I'm so happy you love the people there. What a difference it must make to know the best are there for Jack. We love reading every day how he is doing! Great to know it's another good day!

Patty said...

Aimee, Hardy, and little Jack,

We miss having you as NICU neighbors and we have been praying for you since Jack went off to surgery. What a miracle! Remember to celebrate each day. We're so happy that he's doing so well. God bless little Jack and your family.

Kevin, Patty, Haili, and baby Laurie

Sherri - KaysvilleMomma said...

Good luck little Jack!!! PCMC is the best!!

Diane Feinauer said...

HORRAY for little Jack! We love reading the positive updates, what a strong little spirit he is and what strong parents you are. I hope to meet him soon! We will continue to pray for a quick recovery.

DIane Feinauer