Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Surgery Scheduled for Friday Morning

We found out this evening that Jackson’s surgery is scheduled for Friday morning. He is first on the schedule so they will begin around 7:30 a.m. The surgery should last approximately 6 hours or so and will be performed by a new surgeon at Primary’s, Dr. A.K. Kaza. He’s new to Primary’s, but transferred here a month ago from Boston which is supposed to be one of the top hospitals for treating HLHS in the U.S. so we feel really good about it. He’s done this procedure many, many times and while he was very realistic about the seriousness and difficulty of the procedure, I think he’s the right man for the job.

Everyone’s prayers worked so great for the delivery which went fantastic, we’re hoping you’ll all continue to pray for little Jack as he now faces the really tough stuff which starts on Friday.


Gwen said...

You are a blogging machine, thanks for the great updates!!!

Angie said...

Coach Hardy, Aimee and Little Jack,
Thank you so much for letting us in on what is happening with your little family! You are definetly in our prayers. Jack is a beautiful boy. We are so glad the delivery went well, He looks so healthy and sounds like he is a little fighter. We will be thinking of you and praying constantly - Hope Friday is another day full of miracles for your little family.
Jim, Angie, James and Judd Wagstaff

Matthew said...

We continue to read the blog and get updates from people who are closer geographically. Our thoughts and prayers have been with you throughout the week and will continue to be on Friday. You both are holding up remarkable well under the circumstances. Jack is truly blessed to have you as his parents.

Melanie (Mama, Mimi) said...

Continued thoughts and prayers. You are an amazing little family.

Melanie (Mama, Mimi) said...

Hardy - you are such a cute dad!

Brammer Family said...

Still prayin' for your sweet little family! :)

Julie Miles said...

We're praying hard for Jack's surgery tomorrow morning. Sounds like you're in great hands with that new doc from Boston! Wow, it's hard to believe nearly a whole year has passed since we were in your shoes - celebrating Ethan's birth and anxiously awaiting his Norwood surgery.

Julie Miles

luisa hardy said...

he is beautiful (Jackson I mean, the dad is cute too)
You two are simply amazing people and parents, I know this will soon pass and before you know it, Jackson will be heading to his freshman year at U of U!
good luck, you continue to be in our thoughts and prayers.
Jim and Luisa